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We are excited to launch our New Release, Flawless: Perfection has a Price, by Dawn M. Garcia!

A ghost, a vicious dog, and a handsome mystery man—how much can a girl take?

In this exciting Christian Romance, Paranormal Thriller, Kathryn Bradford is trying to do her best to raise her daughter in a world filled with evil and deception.

Her marriage is difficult. Her husband is angry, jealous, and possessive. He stalks her while he’s alive, and he haunts her after he’s dead–not only in her mind–well, at least she thinks the weirdness is all in her mind, but she’s not sure. What should she think when a form resembling her dead husband materializes before her, wearing the same clothes she last saw him in when he stalked out the door?

She doesn’t believe in ghosts.

Kathryn is haunted by her past failures. Her icy heart protects her and keeps her alone. One day, a mysterious, yet familiar man saves her from a vicious dog—one she dubs “Vampire Dog.”

Her mystery man, Jared Williamson spins her world, even when she tries to stop the rotation.

Jared is handsome, strong, and protective towards Kathryn. Confused by the power in his touch and the sense of familiarity he sparks within her, Kathryn’s heart begins to melt. As he breaks through her resistance, he triggers a release of memories, causing the secrets buried deep inside Kathryn’s fragile mind to storm to the surface. Secrets she worked hard to hide forever taunt her, but Jared’s secret may break her.

Layer by layer, the truth reveals itself.

Can Kathryn bear to know everything that happened in her past and how the mysterious stranger fits into her life?

When an old enemy threatens to steal everything Kathryn values and loves, Jared reminds her of the power inside her that time, trauma, and evil sources stole from her. She must decide: will she use the force within her to fight the biggest battle of her life or will she give in to the evil taunting her?

To win, she will gain freedom from the chains that bind her and win the man she loves—the man who is the key that unravels her past, restores her present, and defines her future.

To lose, it will cost her everything—including her destiny and her soul.

Be ensnared from page one, in Flawless: Perfection has a Price, a debut Christian Romance novel from Christian Fiction author Dawn M. Garcia. You won’t want to put it down!

Purchase your copy today at!


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