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Release Date: Friday, October 10, 2014!

Thump. Thump. Thump-thump-thump.

“Mom? Is that you?” I peek out my door, my head turning left and then right. I don’t see anything suspicious in the hallway. What is that noise? More curious than afraid, I step down the hall, the hardwood floor cool on my bare feet. I pause at the top of the stairs. The ticking of the grandfather clock echoes from downstairs with the slight hum of the ceiling fan, but other than that—nothing.



I creep down the stairs, stepping around that spot on the third step that creaks and always gives me away. My eyes dart from the steps to the ceiling to the room below me. A cold draft snakes up my legs and winds around my waist. I shiver, missing my warm, fuzzy bathrobe.

A high-pitched squeal burns my eardrums. My hands fly to cover my ears. I scurry down the darkened stairs, not sure if the noise is before me or behind me. The screeching stops when I reach the bottom. My mouth is dry as my eyes soak in the scene before me. It isn’t possible, but yet the vision before me tells me another story, scorching my brain with images never to disappear, but always to remain, haunting me …

“Come play with me, Tessie.”

The SIA: Are you Haunted?

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