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I am His Daughter

I pray often, but sometimes I wonder if God hears my prayers. How can I doubt this when I know that I am His daughter? I want to believe that He hears me, but to be honest, I’m not sure that all of my prayers are worth His valuable time. Many of my prayers are […]

I’m Sorry, but Someone Hates You

Dear Child, It’s true and I know it hurts, but you have an enemy–someone hates you. His hatred for you is so strong that he will do whatever it takes to destroy you. If he can’t hurt you directly, he will use other people—especially those you love. He will use your family, your friends, your […]

Does Depression Win? I Hope Not!

Does depression win?  I hope not!  I hate this title, but I can’t get away from it. Many people will say yes—when someone takes his life, depression wins. I am questioning many things the church taught me. A big teaching I am questioning is this: when someone commits suicide, they go straight to Hell. How […]

I Need to Bless You With $5

I love to bless people. Seeing someone’s eyes light up makes my day. I was at the self-checkout at Meijer this morning buying some cold medicine and a few other things. When I slid my debit card in the scanner and followed the instructions on the screen, I decided to get some cash back. I […]

Fifty Shades of Grey: You are Worth More Than This

Ladies, you are worth more than what Christopher Grey’s character offers. BooksforHer has my utmost RESPECT for posting this review: Fifty Shades of Grey. I refuse to read this book because the very idea creeps me out and makes me nauseous. More than just sexual bondage and fleeting satisfaction comes with this kind of relationship. […]

A Flawless Life

Who has a Flawless life?  No one that I know–and I know some amazing people! Most people–even the most successful, have much more experience with failure than they do in living a perfect life. Failure–what a horrible word, yet we all deal with it, and we all face it. Some of us confront failure occasionally; […]

Flawless, Now Available

It’s time to officially announce my book, Flawless: Perfection has a Price! My desire is for this book to reach many. It has a powerful message in it for women who have suffered through relationship disasters. I didn’t want this to be a typical Christian romance. I wanted action, spice, a bit of the supernatural, […]


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