Christians, We Have a Vampire Issue

I thought the vampire craze would have ceased by now, but it hasn’t.  Fascination with the paranormal is instead growing.  As Christians, how can we use this to our advantage?  Better yet, how can we use this for the benefit of Jesus?

First, we have to get over our fear of vampires.  Maybe I should say we need to get over our fear of talking about vampires because other Christians might think we’re not “Christian” enough–or that we’re delving into the devil’s business.

Who else is better equipped to mess up the enemy’s plans than a Christian?

I do a teaching at my church every October called Jesus vs. Vampires.  Many people think I’m crazy.  The ones who love the vampire stories and the drama that goes with it are confused because they don’t get the Jesus part.  Christians see the Jesus part, but many times don’t understand why the word “vampire” is anywhere near the powerful name of Jesus.

I’ve sought the Lord on this many times.  Do I need to change the name of my teaching?  Am I too forward with this title?  Am I being disrespectful to Jesus by associating Him in any way to the term “vampire?”

I was following a Christian FaceBook page that talked a lot about our authority, power, and healing through the blood of Jesus.   From the level of their posts, it seemed as if they were moving along the apostolic and prophetic lines that I follow.  When they posted a regular notice for prayer requests, I asked for prayer for my teaching, Jesus vs. Vampires: It’s all About the Blood.  Not only did they not pray for me, they banned me from the page!  I couldn’t believe it!

Is it really that strange that a Christian wants to address the vampire issue in our society today?


One of the enemy’s favorite ways to deceive us is to be sneaky enough
that we don’t know we’re deceived until the damage is done.


On the other end of the spectrum, many Christians (especially teen girls) are so accepting of the vampire sagas that she has the Bible and the Twilight series posted beside each other in Social Media as her favorite books to read.


Is this really okay?

Where do we draw the line?  Do we need to set boundaries?  Am I overreacting?

I’ve spoken to a few parents and grandparents about this issue.  Some don’t see an issue.  Vampires are a myth.  It’s just a fun plot line that’s been around since 1897 when Bram Stoker first introduced us to Count Dracula.  It’s just a story that causes people to dream about having supernatural powers that we can’t ever have.  It’s okay to dream, right?

First of all, we must remember that one of the enemy’s favorite ways to deceive us is to be sneaky enough that we don’t know we’re deceived until the damage is done.  1 Peter 5:8 warns us: “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour” (NKJV).  Be aware.  Be on guard.

In Flawless: Perfection has a Price, my main character, Kathryn, admits to Jared that she read the Twilight series–and liked it.

“Oh. I guess I didn’t think about it that much—and Kayli’s too young to read those books. I did find it disturbing that he was a vampire, but he does love her—the girl in the book.”

“Even though he wants to kill her, you found it okay because he loves her?”

“He wanted to kill her in the beginning—because that was his instinct, but he doesn’t kill her. He fights that feeling—he even protects her from being killed by a car and other vampires,” I said.

“I think he always wants to kill her, but he ends up loving her more than he wants to kill her—if that makes any sense at all,” Jared said.

“That is weird, but he marries her before they have sex. He’s insistent on that, even though she doesn’t want to wait. He never wants to change her into a vampire because he’s afraid she’ll lose her soul. He fights changing her until it’s the last choice he has to save her life.”

“Alright, I’ll give you that, but what I want you to consider is this: He is obsessed with her, yet he’s not human. What is he? An angel? A witch? Identify him, Kat.”

“He’s a demon.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because he’s a supernatural being who is not of God.”

“And why do you say he’s not of God?”

I huffed, trying not to be annoyed that he was right. “Because he doesn’t have any godly qualities. The blood sucking—even of animals, is wrong in the Bible, the mind reading—” I sighed. “You should be a teacher or something.” Did he always have to be right about everything? Okay, the Twilight series was not a great love story for a Christian to have sitting on her shelf. Point made.

He smiled. “Now, we’re back to a human and a non-human—a demon, being together with a human. We know how God feels about that.”

“He hates it,” I said, remembering Noah’s time.

Why thank-you, Kathryn and Jared! I couldn’t have said it better myself. :-)

If you’re interested in another Christian perspective on this topic, please read: Mammas, Don’t Let Your Daughters Grow Up to Date Vampires.

Please be careful who and what you invite into your home.

More might be lurking between the covers than you think.


Dawn M. Garcia, M.S.
FaceBook: DawnMGarcia.Author

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