I Need to Bless You With $5

I love to bless people. Seeing someone’s eyes light up makes my day.

I was at the self-checkout at Meijer this morning buying some cold medicine and a few other things. When I slid my debit card in the scanner and followed the instructions on the screen, I decided to get some cash back.

I am horrible about carrying cash—probably because it seems to disappear moments after I place it in my wallet. If you have kids, you understand! I didn’t want a twenty dollar bill because then I would need change, so I picked the fifteen dollar option. As I grabbed my receipt and coupons, I almost forgot my cash and the thought hit me: wouldn’t it be a blessing for the next person in line to find some cash?

On the rare occasion that I use a vending machine, I will sometimes leave a quarter or a dime behind for someone else to find. I know when I find change in the little metal holder I feel blessed. It’s a simple way to make a person smile, but it’s worth it.

Bless $5

I finished packing my stuff into plastic bags and I thought of leaving cash in the dispenser. If someone came to this lane right away, they would think I was just a dumb, forgetful blond who forgot her money and call me out—or if they didn’t tell me, then they might feel guilty later, so I didn’t think that would work. As I pondered this line of thinking, I got a glimpse out of the corner or my eye of a couple approaching my checkout lane.

Bless them with five dollars.

Okay, Lord. I can do that. Five dollars was no big deal. It’s not like three years ago when He wanted me to bless the girl sitting on the curb at Walgreens with the hundred dollars that I had on me to pay for something else. Yeah—I didn’t do so well that time in being obedient, but since then, I am often reminded that I passed that moment up; I still pray for that young girl today.

I approached the lady with my five dollar bill extended towards her and said, “I’m supposed to bless you with this.”

“Why?” she asked, studying me as if I had mice nibbling holes in my brain.

I was honest and shrugged my shoulders. “I don’t know.”

She shook her head and backed away from me.

“The Lord wants to bless someone with this.” I focused on her husband who was standing behind the cart. “Would you like to take it?” He looked at me for a second and held his hand out.

I gave him the crisp bill and said, “Great!” and I walked away.

I think I smiled at them. Maybe. Those situations are strange and I always think of a hundred ways I could have done it better after the moment passes, but it is a heady feeling. I know I had tears in my eyes as I aimed for the doors, feeling wonderful because the Lord used me.

Yes, it was only five dollars, but the Lord knows what He’s doing and it’s up to me to trust Him. Maybe they were going to be short that amount when they paid for their groceries. Maybe they needed the money to buy something extra that they didn’t put in their cart because they were short a few bucks. Maybe they will bless someone else with the money or buy their grandchild a small gift.

Or maybe it was a test for me to see if I would step out of my comfort zone!

Who knows?

What would you do if someone handed you five dollars—ten dollars, or even one hundred dollars, expecting nothing in return?

Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to BE a blessing! Be bold!


Dawn M. Garcia, M.S.
FaceBook: DawnMGarcia.Author

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